• Description


    A vendor offering cloud-delivered endpoint security solutions for enterprises partnered up with us to improve the user experience of their website. We are looking for cyber- and info-security experts who can give us feedback on the prototype of the website that is in the process of redesign so we can learn from their feedback.

    What are we testing and why?

    Our aim is to get feedback from professionals in the field of cybersecurity on the navigation, structure, and content of the site, so we can make it more informative, easy-to-use, tailored to the needs of security experts who will actually need to evaluate, choose, deploy, and use a platform.

    What will happen during the session?

    During the session, we will have a couple of questions for you on your background and professional experience in cybersecurity, and then we're going to give you some short tasks to perform on the website prototype, which is a draft of the new, reimagined version of the endpoint security vendor's site.

  • Session length

    30 minutes

  • Compensation

    80 USD

Available slots

Sorry, all time slots are booked.

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